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Dr.-Ing. Alexander Dahl

Zimmerstraße 67
10117 Berlin

Phone.: +49 (30) 89718 - 717

FKZ: 13N14448

PTV. The Mind of Movement

The PTV Group considers transport and logistics as a whole in order to make mobility sustainable. Since 1979, the company has been developing intelligent software solutions and integrated transport concepts. The European transport model for all passenger and freight traffic in Europe is being developed with PTV software. More than 700 colleagues around the world work with passion on high-performance solutions. The headquarters of the PTV Group is located in the heart of the technology region of Karlsruhe.

The portfolio of the company covers the areas:

  • Software & Services,
  • Components,
  • Data & Content,
  • Consulting & Research.

The main task of the PTV in the context of the U-THREAT project is the development of a method for the identification of critical stations and the evaluation of their vulnerability. It is based on the application of macroscopic traffic models, which make it possible to compare the traffic situation in the normal case (reference case) with that in the case of a failure of the station under investigation (planned case). In order to assess the vulnerability, suitable parameters are defined, which are calculated using the PTV Visum software used for traffic modelling.