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Christophe Chaize

19, boulevard Vivier Merle BP 3167
69212 LYON Cedex 3

Phone: +33 (4) 69 66 85 50


Keolis Lyon is a subsidiary of Keolis, a player in sustainable mobility, a leader in public passenger transport in France and internationally. Keolis Lyon operates and maintains the TCL network on behalf of the Sytral (Public Transport Authority) by providing daily safety, reliability, punctuality, comfort, cleanliness and information.

Moreover, Keolis Lyon proposes adaptations of the services to the needs of the population, collaborates in studies of town planning and circulation and carries out specific studies related to the public transport.

Keolis Lyon's approach is based on a dual challenge:

  • Put the customer at the heart of the business by organizing the operation of the network according to his expectations. 
  • Pay particular attention to all employees, to those who do the job, in direct and daily contact with customers.

As part of the U-THREAT project, Keolis Lyon will focus on operational issues and the evacuation of passengers in the case of an incident. Keolis Lyon assumes the role of the classic end-user in the sense of security research and thus brings in extensive practical experience.

Keolis Lyon implements its global strategy and commercial development based on its values:

  • We imagine (imagination, invention ...).
  • We care (team spirit, attention ...).
  • We commit.

These principles of action and these values are reflected in Keolis Lyon's corporate project and quality approach.