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Dipl.-Ing. Dirk Weißer

Käppelestrasse 4-10
76131 Karlsruhe

Phone: +49 (721) 6100-830

FKZ: 13N14449


Founded in 1983, INIT is a leading company in telematics and electronic fare collection systems for public transport. INIT’s MOBILE integrated telematics system combines the functionality of an Intermodal Transport Control System (ITCS) with other hard- and software solutions for preparing, undertaking, analysing and optimizing operations in the control centre as well as in the vehicles. Due to realized projects for public transports operators and authorities, and several research projects worldwide as well, INIT has a profound expertise in standardized operating procedures.

More than 600 customers rely on our support to manage their daily tasks:

  • planning and dispatching
  • ticketing and fare management
  • operations control and real-time passenger information
  • analyzing and optimizing 

Every transportation network of public transport has its own rules and its own principles. Some of these rules and principles are planned in advance, but some have developed during operation and are known by experienced operators but nowhere written down. Within U-THREAT INIT will investigate solutions which use machine learning algorithms for identification of these principles and use them for weak-point analysis and identity robust sub-networks which are usable for resilience.