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Ing. Christophe Willmann

CETU - Chargé d'études et de recherche
25 avenue Francois Mitterrand, Case n°1
69674 BRON Cedex

Phone: +33 (4) 72 143390

CETU - Centre for Tunnel Studies

The Centre for Tunnel Studies is a technical body of the French Ministry in charge of transport. It is involved in all stages of tunnel’s lifespan, from design through to asset management and for both tunnel equipment and civil works. It provides technical expertise to all stakeholders, notably tunnel owners, operators and rescue services for road, rail, metro and waterway tunnels as well as complex underground infrastructures.

In the field of research and within tunnel design, construction, operation and refurbishment projects, CETU has conducted extensive work related to:

  • Tunnel safety and security (risk analyses, facilities, evacuation procedures, etc.) 
  • Tunnel operation (minimal operating requirements, equipment maintenance, etc.)
  • Tunnel engineering (fire engineering, innovative materials for repairs, etc.)

CETU has been involved in several European projects: FIT thematic network (Fires in Tunnels), UPTUN (improvement of fire safety in existing tunnels) and VIRTUAL FIRES (fire simulation and visualization methods). It currently chairs the Technical Committee on Road Tunnel Operations of PIARC (World Road Association). CETU is also vice-chairman and member of working groups of ITA-COSUF (International Tunnelling association, Committee on Operational Safety and Security of Underground Facilities).