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Life cycle cost analysis

The life cycle cost analysis (LCCA) is a procedure for the life phase oriented economic evaluation of different construction variants of buildings. It is particularly suitable for carrying out and reviewing investment decisions. U-THREAT uses the LCCA as an instrument to identify economically efficient measures to increase resilience. Within the framework of the holistic approach over the entire period of use, the focus is on the inclusion of (see figure):

  • Planning
  • Building
  • Operation/maintenance
  • Recycling

Within U-THREAT, the methodology is implemented using the net present value method, which provides a mathematical decision-making method for assessing the economic efficiency of construction investments and the technical selection of processes. When comparing two measures, despite the higher investment costs, the measure with the lower consequential costs can be more economical.

Abbildung: Elemente der Lebenszykluskostenanalyse, Quelle: Adden, Thewes, Engelhardt, Schwarz (2015)